Dip 'n Dip: Immersed in melted chocolate

Dina Ezzat , Thursday 27 Oct 2016

Chocolate lovers the world over know it: nothing can quite match an indulgent chocolate feast

Photo: Dip n Dip official page

It is not just about the “feel good” hormones that chocolate releases in the brain. It is also about the focused attention one gives to devouring a cup or piece of chocolate, which is close, in fact, to meditation.

A real chocolate addict would neither be talking nor listening to company while immersing their taste buds in the perfect chocolate experience. They might nod and they might mumble some approving words. But otherwise, the world disappears in those moments of pure pleasure.

The higher the quality of the chocolate, the more likely it is to completely take control, especially if generously served melted atop a perfectly baked waffle covered with fresh fruit, or in a pot where one takes the fruit to dip.

This must be the idea behind Dip 'n Dip, the house of chocolate, sweets and coffee, with branches in New Cairo's Cairo Festival City Mall, Nasr City's City Stars Mall and the Americana Plaza Mall in Sheikh Zayed.

Chocolate indulgence at Dip 'n Dip has many faces: there are crepes and waffles, or fruits, or marshmallows. There are also hot chocolate drinks and rich milkshakes.

Photo: Dip n Dip Facebook page

It is a hard decision to make, to choose between so many decadent choices.

The cinnamon pouch crepe (a crepe filled with cream cheese, banana and apple chunks, along with cinnamon) served with a shot of melted chocolate and the banana wrap crepe (a full banana, wrapped in a crepe topped with chocolate) are good selections for those who do not wish to share. And there is much delight therein, except for the rough quality of the apples in the pouch, which irritate the mouth amid the otherwise velvet texture of the chocolate, banana and cinnamon.

Those who opt for sharing can delightfully enjoy the Dip ‘n Dip cream puffs pyramid – with the small (around 15) choux a al crème, perfectly baked and adequately filled, and certainly satisfactory for three people.

The consensus is that the quality of chocolate, promised by the menu to be Belgian, is good – rated anywhere between seven to eight out of 10. Its volume is thick enough for the fondue pot, which is always kept warm, but a bit too thick for the celebrated spill-over chocolate that would get slightly clotted if not promptly consumed or if, as is the case particularly in indoor sections, the air-conditioning is a bit too cold.

Photo: Dip n Dip Facebook page

The menu of Dip ‘n Dip has so much to offer and one or two visits are only the beginning of a potential addiction that might not even be deterred by the overly cordial attention of some of the waiters.

The prices of Dip 'n Dip are within the range of most largely frequented cafe chains. For three orders, EGP 250 covered the bill and an adequate tip.

The best autumn setting for the Dip ‘n Dip experience is the outdoor section in Cairo Festival City, where the pleasant cool but still sunny weather is an added reason to surrender to chocolate decadence.

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