Food Fads: Next one could be home-grown in Egypt!

Ahram Online, Tuesday 25 Jun 2013

Cronuts or Sweet Buds? Both? Chef Ansel started a Cronut' craze in NYC, and Egyptian amateur Sarah Yehia's invention Sweet Buds can be had at Casper & Gambini's until mid-August

Next food fad
(L-R) Sweet Buds, Cronuts

Browsing a friend's wedding pictures together, one of the girls says: "Oh, cupcakes, that was really popular last year!"

And people still love them. Nola's and Crumb's top the list of cup cake delight shops in Cairo, but many other bakeries have added it to their selection.

Before that, waffles briefly tempted Cairenes, and places like the Waffle Point in Korba, Simply Waffles in Dana Mall, Waffle House and Craffle in Maadi sprang up to fill the demand and a few cafes added a waffle maker to their appliances.

Crepes also are a major hit and are found in most cafes nowadays.

Donuts, ice cream, gelato, cookies, and the list goes on.

Customers line up for Cronuts NYC
Customers lining up outside New York's Dominique Ansel Bakery to purchase Cronuts (AP Photo)

So what's next? Ever heard of the Cronut craze in New York City? People are literally lining up outside Chef Dominique Ansel's bakery, who started the hybrid croissant/donut.

Chef Ansel making his invention, Cronuts
Chef Dominique Ansel making cronuts, a croissant-donut hybrid. He makes 200 - 250 Cronuts and has been selling out within an hour (AP Photo)

Chef Ansel only bakes 200 - 250 total in the day and apparently they are worth waiting for.

Ahram Online has dibs on information regarding the possible next food craze - one that could start here in Egypt!

The inventor of "Sweet Buds" whose fried, breaded sweet potato with ice cream recipe won her an amateur chef competition just last month, tells Ahram Online with a secretive Mona Lisa smile that she might open up her business soon.

Sweet potato
(Photo: Ahram Online)

If you'd like to check out Sarah Yehia's star recipe, it's only available until mid-August on the Casper & Gambini's menu before they take it off.

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