Egyptian Omar Samra attempts ground-breaking climb in Antarctica

Ingy Deif, Thursday 22 Dec 2016

Banker-turned-adventurer says exploring Antarctica is the closest thing to visiting another planet

Omar Samra

Followers of Egyptian adventurer Omar Samra have been buzzing with news of his latest daring expedition, as he heads once more to icy Antarctica, this time for a ground-breaking climb.

Samra has picked the Ellsworth Mountains, the highest mountain range in Antarctica, as his destination. It was there that he reached the summit of Vinson Massif back in 2011, and this time he plans to climb a mountain that has so far not been explored.

All being well, he will complete this latest challenge in the next two days.

An Egyptian banker-turned-adventurer, Samra made history in May 2007 when he became the first Egyptian and the youngest Arab (then 29 years old) to climb Mount Everest.

Samra, broke another record by becoming the first Egyptian to complete the Seven Summits challenge by climbing the highest mountains on seven continents.

In December 2013, he was among the winners of the Axe Apollo Space Academy competition in Florida, United States, beating 112 competitors from the rest of the world on his path to becoming the first Egyptian to see the edge of space.

Since then, space had been his constant passion. He recently reached out to various Egyptian governorates, launching his "Make Space Yours" project to raise interest in space science and exploration among school and university students, engaging them in competitions at the national level.

According to Samra, his new adventure in Antarctica also has a space-like twist, taking him to places that nobody else has been.

Addressing his followers on his website, Samra said that Antarctica is the most remote continent on earth, and for an earth-bound traveller, going there is the "the closest you can get to another planet."

He has even given his new expedition a space-related name: Planet VII.

Since announcing his new expedition, fans have been keeping up with his progress by posting messages on his website. His journey so far has taken him to Chile, then down to Antarctica, where he succeeded in being the third person to summit Mount Roger.

Having limbered up, his next destination is the as-yet unconquered peak.

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