Egypt's Luxor has 480 tourists on hot-air balloon rides on Saturday

MENA , Saturday 11 Jan 2020

File Photo: Hot-air balloons over the ancient city of Luxor, Egypt (Photo:AFP)

Up to 17 hot-air balloon flights took off in Luxor on Saturday, carrying 480 tourists of various nationalities.

The flights, operated by several travel agencies, flew over the city's archaeological sites.

Hot-air balloon rides over the ancient wonders of Luxor are the tourists' favorite, as they get a chance to explore the city's spectacular landscape and famous landmarks. 

Air balloon flights are currently seeing a high turnout by holidaymakers and tourists especially as they come in conjunction with the holiday season, Ahmed Aboud, head of a Luxor-based hot-air ballooning company, said.

Aboud hailed the efforts exerted to beef up safety levels in the Egyptian hot air balloon sector. 

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