Historical preservation committee proposes new entity to regulate commerce and ownership in Khedival Cairo

Nevine El-Aref , Tuesday 15 May 2018

In a meeting on Monday, the National Committee for Developing and Preserving Historic Cairo proposed the establishment of a law and entity to regulate commercial activities and ownership of historic buildings in Khedival Cairo.

The committee, headed by the president's adviser for national development projects Ibrahim Mahlab, aims to develop Khedival Cairo and its surroundings through the preservation and renovation of its historic buildings.

Members of the committee proposed a special law to regulate commercial activities in the historic area to protect its significant value.

The committee members also discussed ongoing successful collaboration efforts with the National Organisation for Urban Harmony and the General Authority for Urban Planning to draw a new plan for Cairo as a historic capital.

The committee also foresees an entity to regulate the ownership of historic buildings in Medieval and Khedival Cairo, particularly those owned by ministries and authorities that will transfer soon to the new administrative city under construction east of Cairo.

Mahlab said the committee has a clear vision to make the Historic Cairo Development project benefit Egypt's economy, by investing in the 100-plus historic buildings owned by the government.  

A timetable will be set for completion of the development project, in keeping with Egypt's Vision 2030.


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