Lahoun excavation is shut down

Nevine El-Aref , Friday 22 Apr 2011

Excavations at the Lahoun archaeological site in Fayoum have been halted due to negligence of the excavators

The Permanent Committee of Egyptian Antiquities decided today to stop all excavation works being carried out by the Egyptian mission at Lahoun archaeological site in Fayoum.

The committee has also approved the decision taken by the archaeological mission which was sent in early March to inspect excavation works being carried out in Lahoun and the artefacts discovered there.

The archaeological mission was sent at the request of Zahi Hawass, who was then minister of state for antiquities affairs, and found that the site was subject to deterioration.

A collection of ancient Egyptian mummies discovered at the site were damaged due to negligence, while clay sarcophagi were left in the sand without any protection or restoration, which led to their deterioration.

Mohamed Ismail, supervisor of the permanent committee and foreign missions' affairs, said that all legal procedures are to be taken against whoever is responsible for the damages. He said that the permanent committee also agreed to increase the number of visits carried out by its archaeological missions, in order to visit archaeological sites under excavation, whether by Egyptian or foreign missions.

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