Palestine handed over to Egypt two objects thougt to be antiquties

Nevine El-Aref , Thursday 28 Apr 2011

A delegation from the Gaza strip delivers to Egypt’s minister of state for antiquities objects they believe have been looted from Egypt but prove to be only replicas of ancient Egyptian statues

an ushabti figure

Today, at the premises of the Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs (MASS) in Zamalek, a Palestinian delegation from Gaza strip, led by former Palestinian minister of foreign affairs Mahmoud El-Zahar, hands over to Egypt two objects believed to be authentic ancient Egyptian artefacts.

However, an archaeological committee from the MSAA, led by Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud, general supervisor of the minister office, discovered that these objects are replica statues and not genuine pieces.

The pieces are black granite statues depicting an ancient Egyptian god and an ushabti figurine. These pieces were found in Gaza strip with Palestinians  who were caught red-handed and accused of smuggling antiquities. However, the MSAA archaeological mission proved that these objects are not authentic pieces.

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