Eight Late Period mummies discovered in Dahshur necropolis in Giza

Nevine El-Aref , Wednesday 28 Nov 2018

Mummies with anthropoid painted cartonnage have been unearthed in Dahshour Necropolis, about 40 kilometres south of the Giza Plateau

one of the mummies uncovered

During excavation work in the area to the northeastern side of King Amenemhat II’s tomb in the Dahshour necropolis in Giza, an Egyptian archaeological mission has stumbled upon eight graves from the Late Period.

Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explains that the graves contain limestone sarcophagi with mummies inside, three of which are in very good conservation condition.

The mummies are covered in cartonnage adorned with paintings of the faces of the deceased. The cartonnage is painted in blue, brown and green.

Waziri said that the mummies have been taken to store galleries for restoration and suggested that they could be put on display at the newly established museum in Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurgada.

Dahshur is a royal ancient Egyptian necropolis that houses the Bent and Red pyramids of the fourth dynasty king Sneferu, as well as the black pyramid of Amenemhat III, among other royal pyramids.

the area where the graves uncovered

the mummy

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