The Egyptian museum in Tahrir welcomes its visitors

Nevine El-Aref , Thursday 26 Jan 2012

The Egyptian museum in Tahrir square reopens its doors to public after three days of close.

Egyptian museum

Today, visitors of Tahrir square and tourists would be able to visit the Egyptian museum and roam around its different halls and galleries. After three days of closing for security measures the Egyptian museum is reopened and both colossi of king Amenhotep III and his wife queen Tiye are at the foyer of the museum greeting the visitors.

Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim explained that the museum was closed in order to tight security measures all over it during the gala ceremony held at the square to celebrate the anniversary of Egypt Revolution. “In case if any chaos had happened the museum would be better secured and protected,” Ibrahim pointed out.

Tareq El-Awadi director of the Egyptian museum said that 750 people from different nationalities have visited the museum along the couple of hours of its reopen.






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