Ancient Egyptian limestone relief found at Cairo home

Nevine El-Aref , Saturday 14 Jul 2012

A limestone relief from the era of Ramses II has been found at a residential home in the Matariya area of Cairo


A rectangular shaped limestone relief from the era of 19th Dynasty King Ramses II was found by chance at a residential home at Hesn Al-Arab district in Matariya area in Cairo.

The relief is broken in two pieces and engraved with hieroglyphic text saying, “King of Upper and Lower Egypt, the master of both lands, Ramses II.”

Youssef Khalifa, head of confiscated antiquities at the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA), said the story started three days ago when a home owner in Hesn Al-Arab complained to the Matariya local government that his home was deteriorating and that he need help with its renovation.

Police embarked on an inspection, to verify the deterioration, but turned their attention to a neighbouring house when they found evidence of illicit excavation by its owner. While searching, officers found the relief along with digging tools and geographical measuring equipment.

The police confiscated the instruments and the relief and apprehended the home's owner.

Khalifa told Ahram Online that an archaeological committee has verified the authenticity of the relief and early studies on it reveal that it could be part of the lintel of a false door to a tomb.

The relief is now at the Egyptian Museum for restoration before being put on display.

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