Zahi Hawass to promote tourism to Egypt in targeted European tour

Nevine El-Aref , Sunday 3 Sep 2023

Renowned Egyptologist and former minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass will embark on a tour of targeted tourism markets to promote tourism to Egypt.

Zahi Hawass


The tours are organized by the Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) as part of its strategy to benefit from Hawass’ status and fame as a scientist to promote tourism to Egypt, especially cultural tourism.

Hawass will begin the tour by travelling to the Baltic countries and Denmark in mid-September where he will stay for three days.

He will deliver a group of lectures showcasing recent discoveries in Egypt with an emphasis on the golden city, which was uncovered in Luxor and won the first top discovery in 2021.

Hawass will also talk about recent discoveries in Saqqara necropolis and reveal secrets about the pyramids, Sphinx, and the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut.

He will also invite people from around the globe to visit Egypt and explore its unique ancient civilization and its other tourist attractions, such as sunny beaches, clear water and marvellous nature.

“The ancient Egyptian civilization and its towering monuments are in the hearts of all peoples,” Hawass asserted, noting that the legacy of our ancient Egyptian ancestors still astonishes the whole world and attracts inbound tourists to Egypt, who come to learn about this civilization and view its magnificent monuments.

ETA’s CEO Amr El-Kady said these tours come as part of the continuous collaboration with Hawass who has always exerted laudable efforts to promote tourism to Egypt.

In July 2022, The ETA organized two lectures for Hawass in Germany to promote tourism.


El-Kady stated that Hawass’ present tour of the Baltic is part of the ministry’s strategy to explore promising new markets in an attempt to reach 30 million tourists by the end of 2028.

He also emphasized the importance of the support provided by the Egyptian ambassadors in these countries.

Mohamed Atta, Director of the Central Office for North Europe and Baltic at ETA, said that the tours will be accompanied by press conferences and cultural events, which will be organized in collaboration with tour operators.

The ETA is expected to organize further tours for Hawas of Japan and Portugal.


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