Egyptian civilization museum launches audio guide devices for royal mummies hall

Nevine El-Aref , Sunday 7 Jul 2024

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) in Fustat is set to enhance the visitor experience by launching a new "audio guide" service exclusively in the royal mummies hall, where guided tours were previously prohibited.



This service, which will begin on Wednesday 10 July, will provide detailed historical explanations via headsets in both Arabic and English.

Visitors can use the audio guide service after paying a fee added to the museum entry ticket.

CEO of NMEC Ahmed Ghoneim explained that this service will offer an immersive journey through the history of ancient Egypt's most significant royalties, providing rich historical and archaeological insights into their lives, accomplishments, and contributions to ancient Egyptian history.

The audio guide will be available throughout the week and is designed to maintain the hall's tranquillity and respect, in line with the grandeur of the displayed mummies. 



The royal mummies hall holds unique historical significance, featuring the only surviving mummies of ancient Egyptian kings and queens, particularly from the New Kingdom era.

This initiative is part of the museum's ongoing efforts to update service quality and enhance visitor experiences, aligning with Egypt's national tourism strategy, Fayrouz Fekry, deputy CEO for administration and operations, highlighted.

Furthermore, the museum has previously introduced a guided tour booking service in April. It offers guided tours in the central and the Egyptian textile halls, in collaboration with the Tourist Guides Syndicate.

These tours are available in Arabic and English throughout the week, with three daily sessions. Visitors can book these tours online 48 hours in advance through the museum's official website.


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