Another missing artefact found inside the Egyptian museum

Nevine El-Aref , Wednesday 16 Feb 2011

A part of a missing New Kingdom statue depicting goddess Nakrit carrying king Tutankhamun was found hidden inside the museum


Today at the second floor of the Egyptian museum in Tahrir Square dozens of journalists, TV presenters and photographers gathered before the golden mask of the 18th dynasty king Tutankhamun. They came here upon the invitation of  Zahi Hawass, Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs in order to photograph Tutankhamun’s golden mask which some news agencies claimed its disappearance.

Hawass told reporters that a part of the gilded wooden statue of a goddess carrying king Tutankhamun has been found. It was found underneath a showcase on the corridor linking Tutankhamun’s collection hall to the one of his father King Akhenaten.

Two days ago the museum’s staff found three objects that were looted from the museum. These are the heart shaped blue felspar amulet of Tutankhamun’s grand grandfather Yuya and one of his ushabti figurine as well as a part of a wooden New Kindom sarcophagus.

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