Giza plateau mastaba block fell, restoration to start Sunday

Nevine El-Aref , Saturday 2 Nov 2013

A limestone block from the ceiling of an unidentified ancient Egyptian mastaba in Giza plateau crumbled due to erosion; the Ministry of State Antiquities will begin restoration of the mastaba on Sunday

the fallen block

A limestone block from an Old Kingdom Egyptian mastaba located at the southern side of Khufu Solar Boat Museum in Giza plateau fell due to erosion on Friday night.

Aly El-Asfar, deputy head of the Ancient Egyptian Section at the Ministry of State Antiquities (MSA), confirmed with Ahram Online that the block was a part of a mastaba tomb and it crumbled due to erosion, because the limestone rock that the tomb was originally constructed in is very weak. The mastaba is yet unidentified, and it includes a courtyard and an unengraved burial shaft.

On Saturday, Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim visited the site to evaluate the condition of the eroded mastaba tomb and order the restoration of the fallen block so it could be returned to its original position.

Restoration is scheduled to begin on Sunday.

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