Four Byzantine and Graeco-Roman artefacts discovered in Nile at Damietta

Nevine El-Aref , Sunday 16 Aug 2015

Borders guards discover four Graeco-Roman artefacts at Damietta fishing port

flower shaped column

Border guards on Sunday discovered four artefacts in the Nile at the fishing port of Ezbet El-Burg, Damietta in the northern Delta.

Ahmed Al-Rawi, the head of the Central Administration for Archaeological Offices in Ports, told Ahram Online that the artefacts were submerged in the Nile and were found on the surface of the port.

According to law 117 of 1983 and its amendment in 2010, the artefacts are Egyptian property and have to be handed over to the Ministry of Antiquities.

clay pot

Al-Rawi said that the artefacts discovered include two Graeco-Roman amphora carved in clay and a white marble crown from a column that is in the shape of a flower. The fourth object is a Byzantine clay plate covered with a green glaze layer.

plate covered with green glaze layer

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