Sharjah ruler pledges to help restore Egyptian Scientific Institute

Nevine El-Aref , Tuesday 20 Dec 2011

Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi offers to help Egypt to restore the burnt Egyptian Science Institute and its historic book collection

In a live phone call with the Al-Ashera Masa'an TV programme, Sarjah ruler Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi offered to help rebuild the Egyptian Scientific Institute, which was gutted by fire during clashes in Cairo on Saturday.

During his call, Sheikh Al-Qasimi said this is Sharjah’s way of giving back to Egypt as Egyptians helped and educated the people of Sharjah. "What happens to Egypt affects us, and this is part of giving back, especially from the people of Sharjah, who were taught by the Egyptians until they completed their way to universities, and whatever we do, it will not be enough."

Al-Qasimi also pledged to donate manuscripts and books from his personal collections.

Sheikh Sultan studied in Egypt during the late 60s and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering at Cairo University in 1971, at a time when Egypt was a hotbed of cultural and political activity.

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