Library of late Islamic art expert Mohamed Marzouk inaugurated at Kafr El-Sheikh Museum

Nevine El-Aref , Tuesday 21 Dec 2021

The precious library of late Islamic art expert Mohamed Marzouk was inaugurated at the Kafr El-Sheikh Museum after its content was offered by his family to the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA).


The library features a collection of rare books on Islamic art and architecture not only in Egypt but all over the globe. It also houses all Marzouk’s published books and scientific papers.

Some of his personal belongings are also diplyaed at the library, which include his agenda, papers with his handwriting and some letters.

Moamen Othman, Head of the Museums Sector said that the SCA has selected the Kafr El-Sheikh Museum to be the permanent location of Marzouk’s library because the museum is neighbouring the Kafr El-Sheikh University in an attempt to be useful to all students at the faculties of arts, architectural and Islamic art. The museum, he continued, is also located in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, the home of the town of Fuwa known for its distinguished and rich Islamic art edifices.

The inauguration was attended by Marzouk’s grand-daughter, Heva Abdel Aziz who is a professor of heritage site management at the German University for Technology in Amman.

Marzouk is one of the main leaders of Islamic arts and the first curator at the Museum of Islamic Art in Bab El-Khalq. He received the first PhD in Islamic art from King Farouk University, now Alexandria University. He worked as a professor of Islamic Heritage and art at the Faculty of Art Cairo University.

He has many books and articles on Islamic art in its branches in cultural fields such as the crescent, pens, popular culture, the message, the extract, the employee, the photographer, the Islam pulpit, the Al-Azhar magazine, Read, the cultural series and the Arab media series, which were issued by the Ministry of Culture and the People’s Knowledge Department.

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