Egypt's Children Museum to reopen in September

Nevine El-Aref , Wednesday 13 Jul 2011

The Cairo-located Children Museum is to be re-inaugurated in September following several years of renovation

a replica of the Nile resouses

Renovation works at the Children Museum in Heliopolis are in full swing. Mid-September will be the official inauguration of the museum, which aims at providing fun-filled interactive learning experiences that help broaden the skill, knowledge and awareness horizons of children.

The Children Museum was first opened in May 1996 but it was closed few years ago to undergo a renovation project and in mid-September the museum will welcome back its visitors.

During a recent official inspection tour Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass asserted that the renovations were carried out by the projects agency affiliated with the armed forces, with a budget of $17 million donated from several countries.

The museum relates the history of Egypt’s different civilizations since the ancient Egyptian era right through modern times.

Hawass says that among the most significant objects on display are two 3D models of Nile resources from South Africa to Sudan and Egypt, and the burial chamber of the boy king Tutankhamun.

Mohamed Ismail, the supervisor of the archaeological work at the museum, told Ahram online that through the three floors of the museum’s building children will be able to travel back in time to admire Egypt’s great civilizations through replicas, except for a genuine mummy, which will be exhibited in a special hall. The museum will also have a cultural centre, a cinema and a library.

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