Photo published on social media creates brouhaha in archaeological spheres

Nevine El-Aref , Wednesday 13 Jul 2016

The photo, posted to Facebook and Twitter, showed replicas that are to be displayed in the museum as part of a new permanent exhibit

Preparation for the replica exhibition at the museim. Photo courtesy of Adel Khalil

A photo captured at an entrance to the Egyptian Museum which showed a number of golden objects on the dock of a truck has created brouhaha among Facebook and Twitter, as some users claimed that the truck was improperly transporting a collection of authentic artifacts .

"I am very happy of what had happened," Elham Salah, Head of the Museums Sector at the Ministry of Antiquities told Ahram Online, noting that the objects seen in the photos were merely replicas of real artifacts that can be found in the museum.

Salah asserted such an incident shows the efficient work carried out by both Replicas Production Unit and its Art Reviving Department, which are in charge of ministry replica production.

She added that the brief outrage over the incident also shows that modern Egyptian artists have inherited the artistic skills of their ancestors, since users on social media were unable to tell the difference.

Salah said that the transported replicas are to be put on show for the first time at the museum as the first cornerstone of a permanent, forthcoming replica exhibition.

Similar exhibitions are to be held in all museums and archaeological sites around Egypt.

During the 15 days of the exhibition, Salah pointed out, a discount of 20 percent is to be offered on all replicas.

The photo that created the brouhaha

Replica of reliefs and engravings. Photo courtesy of Adel Khalil

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