Egyptian antiquities experts to restore King Menkawre statue

Nevine El-Aref , Friday 5 Aug 2016

Radar survey is being carried out on the marble statue to plan its restoration


The restoration centre at the yet-to-opened Grand Egyptian Museum overlooking the Giza Plateau has started a radar survey on the alabaster statue of King Menkawre, transported two weeks ago from the Egyptian Museum in central Cairo.

Osama Abul Kheir, director of the museum's restoration centre, told Ahram Online on Friday that the survey would inspect all the places on the marble statue, which had been previously restored, as well as detecting its weakest point.

A team of restorers led by Hussein Kamal, director of technical affairs at the restoration centre, will then draw up a restoration plan for the statue as it is in very poor conservation condition.

The state was discovered in 1908 at Menkawre's Valley Temple in the Giza Plateau. It had cracks and was incorrectly restored when first discovered.

The statue depicts King Menkawre seated on a throne with his royal skirt and crown decorated with cobra.



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