Royal Jewellery Museum inaugurates 'Your Royal Cup of Coffee' exhibit in Alexandria

Nevine El-Aref , Monday 3 Jan 2022

Egypt’s Royal Jewellery Museum in Alexandria inaugurated on Sunday a temporary exhibit titled ‘Your Royal Cup of Coffee,’ featuring a set of coffee vessels from King Farouk’s collection.

Royal Jewellery Museum
File Photo: Royal Jewellery Museum in Alexandria. Photo courtesy of Royal Jewellery Museum.

The set consists of 32 pieces of gilded coffee cups and holders decorated with royal ornaments.

The exhibition, which will last for three months, is part of the museum’s plan to highlight some of its collection in storage, according to museum director Safaa Farouk.

The Royal Jewellery Museum hosts the possessions of the Egyptian royal family, founded by Mohamed Ali Pasha in 1805.

The museum building was originally the palace of Zeinab Fahmi, built in 1919 in Zizinya, Alexandria. It served as the residence of Fatma Al-Zahraa, the daughter of Prince Ali Haider, a descendent of Mohamed Ali Pasha.

The building uniquely merges European and Islamic styles, reflecting the fine taste of the royal family, whose paintings, gilded ceilings, and mosaics decorate the palace rooms.

The palace consists of two wings, eastern and western, connected by a corridor. Each wing has a basement and two floors.

The possessions amassed by the family over the period of their rule are on display in the various halls.

A diamond and emerald inlaid collar belonging to Muhammad Ali Pasha is among the museum’s collections.

The lavish lifestyle of the family is reflected in a gold chessboard, golden binoculars encrusted with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and gold cups inlaid with precious stones.

Also on display are elaborate jewellery sets commissioned by the greatest designers in Europe, which once adorned the queens and princesses of Egypt’s royal family.

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