Cairo airport invites transit passengers to visit its Archaeological Museum

Nevine El-Aref , Thursday 7 Apr 2022

To promote and encourage travellers at Cairo International Airport to visit the Archaeological Museum on Terminal 2 during their transit in Egypt, a collection of banners and signage have been installed at different corners of the airport to attract more visitors.



Ashraf Abul Yazid, supervisor of the central department for museum explains that the banners and rollups were installed along the path linking the entrance gate of terminal 2 to the museum passing by the VIP lounge. The banners depict the different collection of the museum.

Meanwhile, all the outer walls of the museum have been also covered with promotional banners displaying different archaeological sites such as the Abu Simbel and Luxor temples. 

The Terminal 2 museum was inaugurated in May 2021 and displays a collection of 340 artefacts showing the different ages of the ancient Egyptian era.


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