Grand Egyptian Museum offers guided tours to Atrium and commercial area starting Wednesday

Nevine El-Aref , Wednesday 8 Mar 2023

The Grand Egyptian Museum started on Wednesday to offer a limited number of guided tours in the areas that were handed over to Legacy Development and Management, both a subsidiary of Hassan Allam Holding and the company entrusted with operating the services in the museum complex.

Grand Egyptian Museum


The tours, which can only be booked online, allow visitors access to the gardens and the commercial area which includes restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Visitors will also have access to the official gift shop, the Hanging Obelisk, the main reception hall known as the Atrium, and the Glass Hall.

In the Atrium, visitors will be able to admire the colossal statue of King Ramesses II and the victory column of King Merneptah, in addition to two statues of a king and queen from the Ptolemaic era.

The rest of the museum -- including the main galleries, the two galleries of Tutankhamun, the Grand Staircase, the immersive exhibition hall, and the Khufu Boat Museum -- will remain completely closed until the official opening of the museum.

Services operator Legacy Development and Management will provide the details of the tours, their dates and reservations only through this link:

It is worth noting that as of November 2022, the Grand Egyptian Museum started hosting carefully selected private events.

The GME has also organised a limited number of private tours to ensure the readiness of the services provided and to test the full visitor experience.

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