Manial Palace Museum offers virtual tour of Holy Family journey through Egypt

Nevine El-Aref , Tuesday 18 Jul 2023

For the first time ever, the Prince Mohamed Aly Palace Museum in Manial, Cairo, in collaboration with Masr Al-Mubaraka Organization, is offering virtual tours of the Holy Family’s journey in Egypt.

The Holy Family in Egypt
A painting depicting the Holy Family s arrival to Egypt


Moamen Othman, head of the museum's sector at the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said the tours show the churches and other stops the Holy Family passed through during their journey in Egypt.

The virtual tours started Monday and will last until the end of July.

The Holy Family Trail in Egypt includes 25 stops, starting with Rafah in North Sinai, passing through Al-Farama in Mirth in Port Said, to Sakha town in Kafr El-Sheikh, Tel Basta in Sharqiya, Samanoud in Gharbiya, to Wadi El-Natroun where the Paramos and St. Macarius monasteries are located.

It then moves to Bab Zuweila in Cairo, to Old Cairo, where the Abu Serga Church and Maadi church are located, then to Minya in Upper Egypt to Gabal Am-Teir church, then to Assiut, to the Maharaq Monastery, then to Dronka cave.

The ministries of tourism and antiquities and the local development have started a project to revive the actual trail, upgrading the quality of the services offered to visitors. The ministries have improved the stops in Sakha in Kafr Al-Sheikh, Tel Basta in Sharqiya, Samanoud in Gharbiya, the Wadi Al-Natroun Monasteries in Beheira, Gabal Al-Teir in Minya and Virgin Mary Tree in Matariya in Cairo.

The project also aims to develop poorer areas and communities in the Delta and Upper Egypt and restore archaeological sites.

This is all part of a plan to develop spiritual tourism that retains its appeal throughout the year and not just during the traditional tourism seasons.

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