In Photos: Soft opening of Grand Egyptian Museum's Grand Staircase held Thursday

Nevine El-Aref , Thursday 30 Nov 2023

The soft opening of the Grand Staircase of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) was held on Thursday.

Grand Egyptian Museum s Grand Staircase
Grand Egyptian Museum s Grand Staircase


The Grand Staircase, now available to the public, is a vertical gallery and key pathway in the museum. It visitors to different floors via steps, travellators, and elevators, ending with the panoramic view of the Giza Pyramids.

The whole space is approximately 6500 m2. Large statues and other objects related to kingship will impress with their scale and magnificence.

These are displayed in different but related themes, including Royal Image, Kings and Gods, Divine Houses, and Journey to Eternity.

Among the most distinguished artefacts exhibited on the stairs are the red granite colossus of King Seti I, Queen Hatshepsut, Roman Emperor Caracalla, as well as a series of pillars and columns, naos, niches and tops of obelisks dedicated to several ancient Egyptian royalties.

Colossi of ancient Egyptian deities are displayed on the stairs, such as those belonging to Ptah, Sekhmet, Re-Hur-Akhti, and the Greek deity Serapis.

The Grand Staircase will be added to the guided tour launched in early March, which gives visitors access to the Hanging Obelisk, the Glass Hall, and the Atrium which houses the colossal statue of King Ramesses II and the Victory Column of King Merneptah, in addition to two statues of a king and queen from the Ptolemaic era.

The tours, which can only be booked online, allow visitors access to the gardens and the commercial area which includes restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. The immersive Tutankhamun exhibition is also among the accessible areas.

Separate individual visits are available at the GEM’s gate on Cairo-Alexandria Road from 9am to 6pm. Tickets can be bought at the gate via bank cards.

The rest of the museum -- including the main galleries, the two galleries of Tutankhamun, and the Khufu Boat Museum -- will remain closed until the official opening of the museum.

The GEM is one of Egypt's most significant mega projects. It marks the nation's first eco-friendly museum. It is also recognised as the largest forthcoming museum dedicated to a single civilisation.

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