Egypt presidential elections (round #1): A visual breakdown of who voted for who and where

Overall winners per governorate - largest ones have low pop. density
Top two candidates have around only a quarter of overall votes
Combined opposition votes outstrip those of ex-regime figures
Hometown support is vital. Sabbahi and Shafiq won over 60 and 50% in their birthplaces
Cairo is the governorate with the largest amount of non-Islamist voters, Alexandria is next
Brotherhood needs 'revolutionary' vote to beat Mubarak-era figure in runoff
Voters are overwhelmingly concentrated in the Greater Cairo and Delta governorates
Over a third of Islamist's votes were in four governorates
Over quarter of former PM support was in Cairo and home province of Sharqiya
The Greater Cairo area gave the Nasserist over 30 per cent of his votes
Cairo, Alexandria and Giza gave ex-Brother over one third of his total
Four zones gave Moussa 40 per cent of his votes, but he was popular in smaller regions too


Ahram Online presents a detailed visual breakdown of the results from Egypt's first free presidential elections.

Our selection of charts and maps show which way the votes fell, dividing the results by candidates, geographical regions and political trends.
Figures are rounded to the nearest whole number and only include the top five candidates.
All data was compiled by Ahram Online. 
Ahmed Feteha, Bassem Abo Al Abass, Michael Gunn, Mahmoud Elassal and Mohamed Nada designed this project