VIDEO: Egyptians March for Maspero Massacre Justice


On the one year anniversary of the Maspero Massacre, in which at least 26 Coptic Protesters were killed by the army, thousands of demonstrators march for justice. 

Following the same path taken one year ago from the Cairo neighbourhood of Shobra to the Nile-side State Television building, protesters aimed to commemorate the dead and raise pressure to put those responsible on trial.  
Pictures of Mina Daniel, who has become an icon of the revolutionary since his death, were raised on flags and banners throughout the march. 
Testimonies from survivors of the massacre and video recorded during the clashes tell a terrifying story of unprecedented brutality from the military police towards peaceful protesters. Most of the dead were killed either by live rounds or by being squashed to death after being run over by army vehicles. Until now no senior military personnel have been punished for the killings.
Video by Simon Hanna.