Egyptian women cry out against sexual harassment

15 cases of rape and sexual assault against women protesters were recorded in January alone (Photo b
"Down with Morsi and down with the Muslim Brotherhood" (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
"No to intimidation and No to silence and No to sexual violence" (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
Egyptian women have the right to walk the streets freely: Women Lawyers' Initiative (Photo by Mai Sh
Men against harassment joined at the march ... (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
"You killers of children" (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
"Egyptian women will live with dignity" (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
No Harassment!!! (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
Photos of prominent women figures in Egyptian history ... (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
It is your right and my right to live secure ... (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
"The revolution continues" (Photo by Mai Shaheen)
No sexual harassment: Bread - Freedom - Justice! (Photo by Mai Shaheen).
Protesters chanting against sexual harassment ... (Photo by Mai Shaheen).
Real men do not attack women! We won't be scared ... (Photo by Mai Shaheen)

Hundreds of Egyptians on Wednesday afternoon staged a protest march against sexual harassment and violence against women from Cairo’s Sayyida Zeinab Square to the nearby Tahrir Square.


The rally brought together men and women of different backgrounds and ages, in addition to activists who held banners aloft bearing slogans against sexual harassment.

"Silence is unacceptable; my anger will be heard," one banner read.  "A safe square for all; Down with sexual harassment!" read another.

Marchers also shouted chants against President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood group from which he hails.

The rally comes in response to recent cases of sexual assault in both Tahrir Square and Cairo’s Mohamed Mahmoud Street. Some anti-sexual harassment activists suspect that recent attacks – which occurred during political demonstrations – may have been planned in advance.

Wednesday’s march was organised by several local political and feminist groups, including the Op Anti-Sexual Harassment and Baheya Ya Misr movements.

A handful of political parties also participated, including the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and the Socialist Popular Alliance.

While en route to Tahrir Square, volunteers from Op Anti-Sexual Harassment formed human shields around the marchers to protect them from possible harassment.

A number of other recent anti-harassment rallies held in Cairo were attacked by unidentified assailants.