Supporting innocent Palestinians a religious duty, humanitarian obligation: Al-Azhar

Ahram Online , Wednesday 11 Oct 2023

Egypt's Al-Azhar stated on Wednesday that supporting innocent Palestinian civilians is a religious duty, describing it as a moral and humanitarian obligation.



"Supporting innocent Palestinian civilians through official channels is a religious, legal, moral, and humanitarian obligation, and history will not spare those who neglect it," read Al-Azhar's statement.

Al-Azhar noted all the war crimes committed by Israel, such as the targeting of civilians, including women and children, and the bombing of hospitals, markets, ambulances, mosques, and schools.

Since Israel declared a state of war on Saturday, the number of casualties and those displaced in the coastal enclave has dramatically increased. 

According to the Palestinian health ministry, more than 950 Palestinians have been killed and at least 5,000 wounded. Children and senior citizens accounted for almost 60 percent of casualties. 

Meanwhile, 263,934 Palestinians in Gaza have been forced to evacuate their homes.

Al-Azhar described these crimes as "epitomizing shame and disgrace for the Zionists and their supporters."

It called on Arab and Islamic countries to recognize their religious and historical duties and responsibilities and rapidly provide humanitarian aid. 

Al-Azhar also stressed that these countries should ensure that aid reaches the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Furthermore, it called on Arab and Islamic governments to unite and stand firm against the West's inhumane support for the Zionists in their violation of the rights of Palestinian civilians, stressing that an international investigation into Israel's war crimes should be launched. 

Al-Azhar also said it respects the Palestinians' resilience and determination to defend their land, regardless of the cost and sacrifices.

"The land is motherhood, honour, and dignity, and Al-Azhar's message to those who cling to their land is that it is better to die as knights and heroes on your land than to leave it as prey for the usurpers," Al-Azhar stressed.

Furthermore, Al-Azhar sharply criticized Western media coverage, calling it biased and prejudiced against Palestine and its people, thus proving the falsity of the West's claims of protecting freedom.

In a previous statement on Saturday, Al-Azhar demanded that the international community stop applying double standards to the Israel-Palestine conflict, mourning Palestinian “martyrs” and praising their resistance.

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