Cairo is indispensable partner to Washington for achieving regional stability: US ambassador

Eman Areef , Friday 24 May 2024

US Ambassador in Cairo Herro Mustafa Garg stressed that Egypt is an indispensable partner to her country in efforts to achieve a more stable and prosperous region.

US Ambassador in Cairo Herro Mustafa Garg


During the celebration of the 248th anniversary of the US Independence, held at the American University in Cairo’s Tahrir, Garg said Egypt's praised contributions to maintaining regional security and stability, whether in Gaza, Sudan, or Libya, as extraordinary.

The ambassador expressed her aspiration for the ongoing partnership between the two countries on these issues.

She added that the past year witnessed Egypt and the United States co-hosting the largest version of the Bright Star exercise, the oldest multilateral military manoeuvre in the Middle East and Africa.

The drill “is a perfect testament to our partnership in maintaining stability in the region,” she said during the celebration.

Garg noted that education, economic prosperity, and security are the core of the joint work between the two countries, including the protection of navigation in the Red Sea, the most important waterway in the world for global trade.

She highlighted the Egyptian-American partnership to enhance economic prosperity and preserve cultural heritage.

Garg also stressed that education is the cornerstone of the relationship between the two countries.

The US has provided scholarships to about 1400 talented students, she noted.

The ambassador added that her country is committed to helping more Egyptian students complete their education in the US to enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples and to build personal experiences and ties that maintain the strength of relations.

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