Prosecution releases first details in three murders attributed to ‘New Cairo serial killer’

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Zeinab El-Gundy , Tuesday 28 May 2024

Egypt’s Public prosecution published on Tuesday its first official statement on three recent murders believed to be the work of a single suspect, dubbed by the media as the “New Cairo serial killer.”

The Public Prosecution


According to the Public Prosecution, an unidentified woman’s body was discovered on the 30 June highway in Port Said governorate.

The prosecution ordered the collection of fingerprints, forensic photography of the victim's body, and an autopsy of the victim.

Through this investigation, they were able to identify the victim and the primary suspect in the case.

They prosecution arrested the suspect at his home in the upscale Qattameya district in East Cairo, also seizing his vehicle and cellphones.

According to the prosecution’s investigation, the suspect took the victim to his residence to use drugs. While she was under the influence, he killed her and disposed of her body using his car.

During interrogation, the prosecution said the suspect admitted to regularly meeting women, taking them to his residence for drugs and unusual sexual activities.

He also reportedly admitted to killing them and filming the acts with his mobile phones.

After examining the phones, the prosecution said have found videos of the suspect engaging in sexual acts with the victim's body as well as with other women’s bodies.

The second victim

The prosecution believes the suspect is also responsible for the murder of a second woman, whose body was found on 13 April on 30 June highway in Ismailia governorate.

They alleged to have found footage on the suspect’s two mobile phones of the victim, identifying her based on distinctive marks on her body.

The suspect also reportedly confessed to her murder when confronted with the evidence.

The prosecution said that they took the suspect to his residence where he reenacted both murders and revealed the location of the drugs and personal belongings of one of the victims.

The third victim

The prosecution reviewed other unidentified bodies, including a case in 2023 in the First Settlement district in Cairo which bore similarities with the other two cases.

The forensic report confirmed the presence of the same drug in this third victim’s system as the drug used by the suspect.

According to the prosecution, the suspect confessed to this murder after being confronted with the evidence.

Phone records and geographic data reportedly confirmed all three confessions, showing the suspect and the victims at his residence and the disposal sites during the times of the three murders.

Surveillance footage from toll stations on the 30 June highway corroborated his movements during the disposal of the first two victims' bodies.

However, investigations are still underway, the prosecution noted.

The shocking case went viral on social and mainstream media after the first details of the killing emerged under the hashtag “New Cairo serial killer.”

The prosecution and Ministry of Interior has not revealed many details about the suspect.

However, media reports indicate the suspect is a divorced teacher in his 40s with a US passport as well as his Egyptian passport.

On Tuesday, the suspect’s Tiktok account was discovered, revealing that he used to teach English online.

Unconfirmed reports in the media claim that the number of victims may be more than four.

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