Khaled Fahmy to give online talk on Friday afternoon on quarantines in 19th century Egypt

Mohammed Saad , Friday 8 May 2020

Khaled Fahmy
Khaled Fahmy

Egyptian historian Khaled Fahmy, professor of modern Arabic studies at Cambridge University, will give an online talk on Friday, 8 May, at 2:30 pm GMT (3:30pm Cairo time), about the "history of quarantines in 19th century Egypt, and the science behind it, the state's interest in it, the position of religious scholars about it, and people's reaction to it."

Fahmy will give the talk via a live zoom event. To join the Zoom event, email: [email protected]

The talk is related to Fahmy's latest book, In Quest of Justice, which was released in 2018 and provides the first full account of the establishment and workings of a new kind of state in Egypt in the modern period.

The book shows how the state affected those subject to it, and their response. It illustrates how sharia was actually implemented, how criminal justice functioned, and how scientific-medical knowledge and practices were introduced.

You can find a review of the book here.

In Quest of Justice is Fahmy's second book on medicine and law in modern Egypt, after Al-Gassad Wal Hadatha (“The Body and Modernity: Essays in the History of Medicine and Law in Modern Egypt”) (Cairo: Dar al-Kutub, 2004) (in Arabic), which was translated by Sherif Younis.

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