Egypt's National Library and Archives put periodicals online for free

Mohammed Saad , Sunday 5 Jul 2020

The Egyptian periodicals that will go digital include works on the country’s modern history, on heritage, and on children’s literature

National Library
Egypt's National Library and Archives

Egypt's National Library and Archives has announced that it will make all of its scientific periodicals available online for free.

The National Library and Archives said that the move comes to allow a larger segment of readers and researchers to access the periodicals, some of which are almost two decades old.

The list includes:

Ruznama (Calendar):

Publishes peer-reviewed research on archives and historical documents, and studies concerning securing historical documents and the technical issues concerning indexing them. It also publishes research on Egyptian political, economic, social and cultural history.

Magalet Misr Al-Hadeetha (Modern Egypt):

Publishes original research on modern and contemporary Egyptian history.

Turathyat (Heritage):

Publishes short research and articles in the field of heritage and old manuscripts.

Fehrst (Index), which is published by the bibliography department at the National Library:

Publishes research studies on libraries and managing information and knowledge.

Children’s Literature: Studies and Research:

Published semi-annually and specialises in children’s literature.



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