Israeli police Facebook page calls for killing Arab and Muslim

Saleh Naami , Monday 16 May 2011

Police criticised in Israel for leaving the comments in plain view for days

Members of the Israeli police force's official Facebook page have called on the Israeli government to kill Arabs and Muslims.

Among violent sentiments expressed on the page’s wall was one that went as far as to say: “We should exterminate them [Muslims and Arabs] just as we exterminate insects with pesticide.” 

Although the calls for killing Arabs and Muslims were posted a few days ago, the Israeli police force have not removed them from its Facebook page.

“Every Muslim and Arab is nothing more than a rotten bastard,” one of the posts said.

The Israeli Police's Facebook page has more than 43,000 members, most of them policemen or soldiers.  

Commentators in Israeli daily Ha'aretz said that they are not surprised by the number of Israelis to express on the internet their desire to unleash violence against Arabs; however one of the commentators criticised the country's police force for not removing the posts.

Testimonies by members of the Israeli police force describing how they use excessive force and violence against Palestinians were recently published in the country's media.

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