Islamic world revolts against United States over anti-Islam film

Ahram Online, Friday 14 Sep 2012

Muslims around the world, incensed by anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims”, held demos Friday at US embassies chanting name of Prophet Mohamed, and torching American flags. Ahram Online compiled a list of major protest sites.

Islamic world recoils against U.S
Islamic world map (Photo: AP)

Hundreds of Afghan protesters took to the streets on Friday, setting fire to an effigy of US President Barack Obama and demanding the death of a film-maker who they say insulted the Prophet Mohammed – read more

Algeria's foreign ministry, meanwhile, condemned the low-budget movie, "Innocence of Muslims," reportedly made by an Israeli-American, which portrays Muslims as immoral and gratuitously – read more

Indian Kashmir's most senior Islamic cleric has told all US citizens to "immediately leave" the region because of the privately-produced anti-Islam film that surfaced in the United States – read more

More than 350 Muslim fundamentalists and their supporters staged an anti-US demonstration in Jakarta Friday, spewing anger at America over an anti-Islam film – read more

A foreign ministry statement slammed the film, an amateur production made in the United States, as "repulsive" and said the US government's "silence" encouraged such offences to Islam – read more

Iraqi protesters burned US and Israeli flags as thousands of people demonstrated for a second day Friday in cities and towns across Iraq against an anti-Islam film – read more

More than 2,000 Islamists demonstrated in Amman on Friday to condemn an anti-Islam film, as the Jordanian government demanded YouTube remove trailers for the movie posted on its website – read more

A demonstrator was killed and 25 people hurt in clashes with police on Friday after an angry crowd of Islamists set fire to a KFC restaurant in northern Lebanon – read more

American ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, along with three other embassy staff members, was killed Tuesday night following an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. Another five Americans and ten members of the Libyan security forces were injured as mobs, allegedly protesting the anti-Islam film, stormed the US mission armed with rocket-propelled grenades – read more

Muslims held demonstrations across Malaysia on Friday, calling for the United States to prevent distribution of an anti-Islam film they said was part of a plot by "Christian extremists" – read more

In Morocco's largest city Casablanca, between 300 and 400 Muslim activists gathered outside the US consulate, amid a heavy police presence, some shouting anti-US slogans, including "Death to Obama!" – read more

Nigerian troops try to disperse crowd around mosque in city of Jos by firing in the air – read more

Hundreds of people demonstrated in cities around Pakistan on Friday to denounce an anti-Islam movie, with some urging death for the film-maker and others demanding the expulsion of US diplomats – read more

Palestinians on Friday protested an anti-Muslim film, with thousands gathering in the Gaza Strip and hundreds in Jerusalem where there were clashes with Israeli police – read more

Around 5,000 protesters in the Sudanese capital angry over an anti-Islam film on Friday stormed the embassies of Britain and Germany, which was torched and badly damaged – read more

Tunisian police fired tear gas at stone-throwing protesters gathered Friday outside the US embassy in a Tunis suburb to denounce a film mocking Islam – read more

Four Yemenis died in the capital Sanaa after police fired live rounds and tear gas against demonstrators who tried to storm the US embassy protesting a film mocking Islam - read more

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