The methane human: Do black holes have inhabitants?

Ahmed Al-Moslemany
Tuesday 21 Jan 2020

We were sitting in a Paris café and there were some people sitting near us. After a while, one of us said: Do you know the religion of those people? They follow a new religion called Raëlism. It is a religion which worships extraterrestrials.

Raëlism was founded in the mid-seventies in France. It is a polytheistic religion that worships gods who are advanced alien creatures, similar to human beings.  Adherents believe that these creatures descended from the heavens to earth and thus created life via genetic engineering; then they established religions.

As a result of the huge fascination that space sciences have drawn, as well as the religious perplexity and spiritual vacuum in the West, Raëlism emerged.

Those who worship extraterrestrials are few, while those who believe in the existence of extraterrestrials are many. Two prominent American presidents believed in the existence of extraterrestrials, and that they had visited Earth.

President Jimmy Carter confirmed that he saw flying saucers in Georgia in 1977, while Ronald Reagan was also a believer in the existence of such creatures. The president’s assistants used to delete any mention of extraterrestrials from his speeches, but he used to put them back in again. During the 1985 Geneva Summit, Reagan asked Gorbachev to work together against the extraterrestrial invasion of Earth!

In 2014, Paul Hellyer, former Canadian minister of national defence, joined the believers, saying: “Aliens visited Earth and intervened and stopped a nuclear war or disabled nuclear weapons through their much advanced weapons. America detained some of them, fearing that they would cooperate with Moscow. These aliens are living in Area 51 to this day.”

Edgar Mitchell, the sixth American astronaut to walk on the Moon, supported what the Canadian minister said, while in China, the most prominent believer in UFOs was Mao Zedong.

The first time newspapers reported on “flying saucers” was in 1947. Ever since then, some have gone further, saying that this is an ancient phenomenon and that the Pharaohs were in contact with these creatures. It is easy, they say, for one to see “flying saucers” on Pharaonic monuments, such as the drawings of Amenhotep III.

Scientists view all this as pseudoscience. NASA has distanced itself, saying: “Dr. Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.”

Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama rejected Carter’s and Reagan’s theories about the existence of extraterrestrials. However, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated, during her campaign, that she will ask NASA to uncover the facts concerning extraterrestrials.

Scientists believe that “flying saucers” might be a reflection of light from comets or artificial satellites. Perhaps they were American spy planes flying at higher altitudes than commercial aviation during the Cold War, and when pilots saw them they believed that they had seenn UFOs. Americans propagated that in order to preoccupy the Soviets with non-existent things, to conceal American planes.

Scientists say that they monitor radio signals coming from space and their codes haven’t been deciphered yet. Some of these signals were rational, regular and coming from too distant place. In March 2016, officials at a Puerto Rico observatory said that they had monitored signals coming from outside the galaxy, while science presents mounting evidence of the existence of other planets that might be habitable.

China is attempting via the famous telescope FAST, which was constructed in July 2016 on an area equivalent to thirty football pitches, to be the world’s largest “ear” in contacting extraterrestrials. Washington is afraid that Beijing or Moscow will outpace them in this respect, and this has generated a race.

The British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking warned of such a race and rejected the idea of searching for extraterrestrials, or of contacting them. He has also warned against even notifying them of our existence, deeming that would be of great danger to our planet and our survival.

There is an interesting theory proposed by Caleb Scharf, director of the Columbia Astrobiology Center, suggesting that extraterrestrials are the inhabitants of “black holes” and that they are people without bodies and don’t live in a physical state like we do.

The prevalent theory in physics holds the view that gravity is what binds galaxies with each other and that lack of gravity is compensated for by the universe’s dark matter, which constitutes 27 percent of its total volume. Scharf proposes that dark matter might be extraterrestrials, but it is impossible to distinguish them, because they have completely altered themselves. Man on Earth is a “carbon human being,” but the extraterrestrial might be a “methane human being;” an absolutely different creature incomparable with humans. The “methane human being” got rid of its mortal body and transformed itself into a creature without a body i.e. into invisible sub-atomic particles, in order to escape from universal incidents such as gamma rays, stellar explosions etc,.

Scientific development is never fixed, and scientists are engaged in a big debate about the nature of the dark matter and whether it is really formed from black holes. The gravity theory of the universe is surpassed by quantum mechanics theory, and post-Einstein physics has gained respectability.

Thus, this giant science, physics, has become capable of impressing us every day. This impression drove presidents of a superpower to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials among us. It also made some Europeans and others embrace Raëlism as religion. Moreover, it prompted others to say that sentient and very advanced beings exist, surpassing the mental and civilisational capacities of Man. However, they decided to shed their bodies and live as particles within a huge spatial home called “dark matter!”

What an exciting world. Some, in the West, are trying to reach the “secrets of life” within the dark matter. Others, in the Arab world, are living satisfied, and perhaps proud, in the heart of the black holes!

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