Speaking about rights, but aiming for chaos

Hassan Abou Taleb , Wednesday 16 Apr 2014

Western governments are fast to criticise Egypt's interim authorities, and no wonder: they, like the terrorists Egypt faces, want chaos to prevail

Martyrs are not dead, they are living with God. Our colleague Mayada Ashraf is a martyr with God; a martyr of duty and the treachery of the Muslim Brotherhood, and more importantly the deluded — terrorists and killers — who aim their guns at innocents in cold blood and mean spirit.

Egypt's desired stability is not a decision by the ruler or senior official, but a dynamic condition that is never stagnant, comprising a blend of official and popular participation. In order to achieve it, there must be an overall outlook that includes every citizen and every institution in this country. This condition very clearly requires immense sacrifice and commitment to the nation’s supreme interests, some patience and diligence. At the same time, it needs clear plans and persons of good character, irrespective of their age. What is important is that they can give to the nation and serve the people impartially.

Achieving this condition would exclude any saboteur, terrorist, agent of foreign powers, and anyone who raises a gun against their own people. They have no place in the new Egypt that is seeking to rebuild itself. Their natural place is the dustbin of history and today’s prisons, depending on their crime and treachery.

We all know Egypt is being targetted and it is no longer a mere suspicion or hypothetical conspiracy theory but a reality we live day and night. This includes statements and threats by the terrorist alliance, sabotage and murder, and the ultimate goal — that will never materialise, God willing — of pushing Egypt into chaos and ruin. Media personalities, politicians and alleged clergy who want Egyptians to believe this targetting is temporary and contingent on the removal of one very popular presidential candidate are a key and fundamental part of the plot to disrupt Egypt, and raise the price of transitioning into political and institutional stability. They also send a misleading message to Egyptians that their salvation is contingent on abandoning this candidate. But these people do not realise the majority of Egyptians have matured politically and now have an innate ability to sift through the political din.

Some of the plotting against Egypt takes place in major world capitals and global or regional organisations that were created to primarily protect people and their lives. Unfortunately, they have become a platform for directed criticism that serves higher global interests. The slogans of human rights have become a tool for distortion and moral harm in society, not a vehicle for protecting the people’s simple right to a decent life. Unfortunately, some of these institutions are hostage to only one point of view and do not do their job of finding out the truth, so as to uphold the right to life of a people who are in the line of fire of vile terrorism — a job that is the foundation of the global human rights movement since its inception.

It is surprising that some of these organisations adopt an arrogant and superior tone although they lack information and have abysmal analysis. This makes us very doubtful of their objectives, irrespective of their good reputation, and the principles they claim they base their work on.

One such example is the statement by the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Human Rights (EMNHR) a few days ago criticising two draft laws the Egyptian government referred to the legislative branch. The first amends provisions on terrorism related crimes in the penal code; the second deals with procedures for combating terrorism. EMNHR described the amendments as adopting more repressive policies that will not succeed in deterring terrorist attacks. What Egypt needs, it suggested, is not more anti-terrorism laws but revision of its legislative framework to guarantee it meets international standards.

A more important recommendation in the statement of European governments suggests making any assistance to Egypt contingent on withdrawing these two draft laws, and respecting what the statement described as basic rights and freedoms. Also starting an independent and impartial investigation into all deaths and use of excess force against protestors.

Other than the inflammatory and brazen language of the statement and its direct interference in Egyptian affairs, there are four factors that are outrageous. First, the statement did not mention the terrorist activities of the Muslim Brotherhood or condemn them with a single word. Second, the statement mentioned in various paragraphs the need to amend Egyptian laws to meet international standards, or more exactly Western standards that primarily serve their interests even at the expense of the people who have a vested interest in deciding their way of life and identity.

Third, the authors of this inflammatory statement forgot to inform terrorist groups what are international standards for terrorism, and what are the standards the West follows in combatting terrorist groups. Fourth, the statement shows EMNHR is only focused on the issue of freedoms but forgot that freedoms will not materialise until the security of society as a whole is achieved and the right to life is concrete. The task of any government is to protect its people and shield them from terrorism threats, and to sometimes issue stiff laws to control those who have lost their minds and have no other goal in life but to kill citizens and sabotage the nation.

EMNHR members know that all governments in the West themselves passed laws to combat terrorism, and what the Egyptian government does is its own responsibility. No one can blame it for taking care of citizens’ security and lives. It is certain these Europeans heard about the victims and martyrs who died at the hands of terrorists, as they did about Mayada and others, but decided shut their eyes and ears. It is also certain that, contrary to their claims, they do not care about the lives and security of Egyptian citizens as much as they do about sabotaging Egypt and making it a victim of disloyal terrorist groups that rely on Western assistance and seek their direct intervention in Egyptian affairs.

The position of EMNHR is in one way or another an extension of the positions of European governments and the White House that blocked weapons to the Egyptian police and army to undermine our ability to combat terrorism. They are also the ones who fund all the weapons smuggled to terrorists inside the country to wreak havoc in our land.

History has taught us, however, that it never forgives terrorists, traitors, agents and imperialists.

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