Annual Mahragan El Nakheel to celebrate delicacy of Egyptian dates

Mostafa Ali , Wednesday 19 Oct 2016

A festival on Saturday will celebrate the crop that ticks all the boxes for food with maximum nutrition

Mahragan El Nakheel ( Facebook page)

As a staple in Egyptian cuisine and an integral part of the region's delicacies, dates are celebrated in Egypt at various events, one of which is the annual Mahragan El Nakheel (Date Festival), set to be held on 22 October.

The organisers of the event are NGO Nawaya and Cairo's chapter of Slow Food, who aim to show off the wonders of dates and the life of people who work in the industry to promote the idea of sustainable development using local resources.

The upcoming event will take place at Fagnoon Art School on the outskirts of Giza and will feature many activities and entertainment for the whole family.

Music, treats and fun activities including climbing palm trees and making ropes, are on the cards.

A four course lunch will be served and cooking classes for children and adults will introduce the attendants to special date-inspired recipes.

The event starts at 10am and runs until 5pm.

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