Situation volatile as Egypt army erects concrete barrier to separate protesters and police
Dina Samak, Thursday 24 Nov 2011
Fragile truce in Mohamed Mahmoud street holds for now as army soldiers build concrete wall to stop police from attacking demonstrators; thousands of angry protesters still livid at bloodshed, prepare for massive response Friday

Clashes between police forces and angry protests are still looming in the air as a fragile truce between the police and the protesters brokered Wednesday by Azhar officials is threatened to be broken at any minute.

Protesters climbed a concrete wall placed by the army - and guarded by its soldiers - half way through Mohamed Mahmoud Street at around 1:00pm to separate police and demonstrators.

Tens of protesters who managed to stand on top of the wall chanted "peaceful, peaceful", while others including doctors from nearby field hospitals rushed to the location chanting "Get down, Get Down" in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

Later, doctors, dressed in their white coats, jumped on top of the concrete barrier to calm protesters down.

"Protesters are still angry", said Ahmed Nour, a socialist activist to Ahram Online. "The statements issued by the ruling military are only making things worse".

Nour added that the major thing that matters to the protesters now is to maintain the sit-in and prepare for Friday protests.

"Our demands are clear and we will not leave unless they are fulfilled"

At least 35 protesters were killed in Tahrir square and Mohamed Mahmoud street as well as other cities around the country, and 3000 people have been injured after five days of attacks by the Central Security Forces which used tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition.