Morsi spokesman reveals names of presidential assistants, advisers
Ahram Online, Monday 27 Aug 2012
Spokesman reveals names of presidential team – including four assistants and four advisers – tasked with aiding Egypt's first freely-elected head of state

Presidential spokesman Yasser Ali on Monday revealed the names of President Mohamed Morsi's presidential team, including four presidential assistants and 17 presidential advisors.

According to the spokesman, the team will include six members of the Muslim Brotherhood (the group from which Morsi hails) – including two from the Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau – along with two members of the Salafist Nour Party andan Islamist-leaning former presidential candidate.

The four presidential assistants, who will be given offices in the Presidential Palace, are:

1. Samir Morcus Abdel-Meseih, responsible for the democratic transition file

2. Pakinam El-Sharkawi, responsible for political issues

3. Emad Abdel-Ghafour, responsible for 'social communication'

4. Essam Ahmed El-Hadad, responsible for foreign relations and international cooperation

Members of the president's advisory team, who will hold regular meetings with Morsi, will include:

1. Ahmed Omran

2. Omaima El-Salamoni

3. Ayman Ahmed Ali

4. Ayman Amin El-Sayad

5. Bassem Hassaneen El-Rezqa

6. Hussein Mohamed El-Qazaz

7. Khaled Alam El-Din

8. Rafiq Samuel Habib

9. Sekina Fouad

10. Seif El-Din Abdel-Fattah

11. Essam El-Erian

12. Emmad Hussein Abdullah

13. Amr El-Leithi

14. Farouq Goueida

15. Mohamed Selim El-Awa

16. Mohamed Esmat Seif El-Dawla

17. Mohei Hamed Mohamed

Additional names are expected to be revealed in coming days.

A more detailed report on Morsi's new presidential team will follow shortly