Nour Party initiative to be discussed at Egypt's national dialogue
Ahram Online, Monday 11 Feb 2013
Eight-point initiative to exit political crisis to be presented to President Morsi's national dialogue meeting on Wednesday

The Salafist Nour Party's eight-point initiative to solve Egypt's political crisis is to be discussed at the president's national dialogue meeting on Wednesday.

The party issued the initiative last Wednesday and it was endorsed by the main opposition bloc, the National Salvation Front (NSF).

One of the main demands was to form a new 'unity government' that is representative of all political currents.

On Saturday, President Mohamed Morsi met with a Nour Party delegation to discuss the plan.

A source close to the presidency has told Ahram Online that the president is not in favour of forming a new cabinet now (which is part of the plan) because parliamentary elections are expected to be held soon and hence a new government will have to be formed.

Elections are expected to take place in April.

Ashraf Thabet, Salafist Nour Party member and former deputy speaker of parliament, told Ahram Online that the president did not offer a clear position on the initiative during the meeting.

"The initiative will be presented and discussed during the national dialogue meeting on Wednesday," added Thabet.

The national dialogue was called for by President Mohamed Morsi during his speech on 28 January as an attempt for all political forces to engage in discussions to solve the ongoing political crisis.

Members of the National Salvation Front rejected the dialogue as merely a "façade."

"We are still reaching out for figures from the opposition to take part in the dialogue but we have received no clear response as yet," said Thabet.