Egyptian opposition to stage anti-govt rallies on Friday
Ahram Online, Ayat Al-Tawy, Thursday 21 Feb 2013
Organisers say that the rallies are first step towards a full civil disobedience campaign, like that currently underway in Port Said

A number of opposition groups have announced plans to stage anti-government rallies on Friday.

According to a statement released at a press conference on Wednesday, the demands of the protesters will include "holding President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to account for their crimes against Egyptians, the dismissal of the Morsi-appointed prosecutor-general, and the immediate release of detained political activists."

The political parties and revolutionary groups behind the planned demonstrations include the Free Front for Peaceful Change, the Arab Revolution Youth Movement, the Popular Movement for the Independence of Al-Azhar, the Constitution Party Youth, the Revolutionary Youth Coalition, and the April 6 Youth Movement (Democratic Front)

The rallies are scheduled to take place on Friday, 22 February, after noon prayers.

Marches will set out for the prosecutor-general's office in downtown Cairo fromTahrir Square, Dawaran Shubra Square in the Shubra district, and central Cairo'sSayeda ZeinabMosque, said leading member of the Constitution Party Shady Ghazali Harb.

According to Harb, Friday's anti-Brotherhood protests represent a preparatory step in the run-up to a civil disobedience campaign. He also affirmed the revolutionary forces' sympathy with the ongoing civil disobedience campaign in Port Said as well as calls for civil disobedience in Alexandria and the canal cities of Ismailia and Suez.

An anti-government protest wave in Port Said, seen by organisers as a campaign of "civil disobedience," entered its fifth day on Thursday, bringing virtually all of the canal city's official institutions to a halt.

Thousands of people took part in demonstrations to demand justice for dozens of people killed during rioting in the Mediterranean port last month.

Additional rallies to protest Islamist rule as well as economic grievances are expected on Friday in other governorates across the country, including Alexandria, Giza, Gharbiya and Sharqiya.

Anti-Brotherhood group Ikhwan Kazeboon ("The Brotherhood are liars") announced plans to take part in Friday's planned rallies on their Facebook page. The group is scheduled to stage a march at 2pm from Sayeda ZeinabMosque to the prosecutor-general's office to call for his dismissal.