Egypt calls for international cooperation against terrorism
Ahram Online, Thursday 3 Apr 2014
'[The international community] must take clear a stance, through full cooperation, to drain the sources of terrorism', presidency says after bomb blasts strike Cairo University

The Egyptian presidency has called on the international community to take a "clear stance" against terrorism, hours after three bombs exploded at Cairo University.

"[The international community]must take clear a stance, through full cooperation, to drain the sources of terrorism," read the statement.

Three bombs exploded outside Cairo University on Wednesday. A fourth was defused.

The first two explosions killed a senior policeman and injured five officers.

"These dark forces are not targeting the guardians of the nation -- the army and the police – they are targeting Cairo University and its students," added the statement.

Universities across Egypt have been the stage for recurrent pro-Morsi demonstrations, which have often ended in clashes between protesting students and security forces.

At least a dozen students have been killed in clashes in and around campuses nationwide.

Violent demonstrations disrupted the first semester and mid-term examinations, and delayed the start of the second semester by three weeks.

Meanwhile, attacks targeting security personnel and installations have spiked since Morsi's ouster in July, with the interim authorities blaming the Muslim Brotherhood and their Islamist allies for orchestrating the attacks. The group, which was declared a terrorist organisation by the interim authorities in December, has denied the accusations.