El-Sisi ready to visit Ethiopia, 'if it is in Egypt's interest'
Ahram Online, Sunday 24 Aug 2014
President El-Sisi says Egypt appreciates Ethiopian development efforts, so long as they do not negatively affect Egypt's interests

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has said he is ready to go to Ethiopia if the visit would be in Egypt's best interests. He made his remark during a meeting with media figures and journalists Sunday, when asked about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

El-Sisi added that Egypt appreciated Ethiopian efforts towards development, as long as they would not negatively affect Egypt's interests.

A new round of talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and its impact on Egypt will start 26 August in Khartoum.

"We want them (the Ethiopians) while building the dam to take into consideration that there should not be a negative impact on Egypt during the time the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam's reservoir is full, or during operations of the dam," the Egyptian president said, adding that he was promised by the Ethiopian president that Egyptian interests would not be harmed because of the dam.

Egypt has expressed concerns regarding the Ethiopian dam since 2013, especially regarding Egypt's share of Nile River waters. Ethiopia maintains that Egypt's share won't be affected negatively by the dam.