Egypt and Iraq find ties that bind in their treasures
Nevine El-Aref, Thursday 28 Apr 2011
Egypt to share expertise with Iraqi museums and archaeologists in the staging of exhibitions and reclamation of artefacts abroad

Zahi Hawass, Egypt's minister of state for antiquities affairs, met today with an Iraqi delegation representingtheirforeign affairs, interior, justice and museums ministeries. The delegation was led by Mohi El Din Hussein Abdalla, the Iraqiplenipotentiary minister.

During the meeting they discussed several topics, among them Egypt’s contribution in protecting Egypt’s archaeological heritage and retrieving its illegally looted and smuggled antiquities as well as the construction of new museums and storehouses.

The Iraqi delegation asked the ministry of state for antiquities affairs to provide them with Egyptian experts to help them in the establishment of exhibitions and administeringarchaeological exhibitions abroad.

They also discussed different means of cooperation between the museums and field ofantiquities in both countries.

Hawass was more than ready to help the Iraqi people in their efforts to return back their artefacts from foreign countries and museums abroad. He also invited Iraq to attend the second international conference for the restitution of artefacts to be held soon in Cairo. Theinaugural conferencewas held last year in Cairo.

Hawass also asked the Iraqiteam to provide a list of all the required Iraqi objectsto distribute it amongmuseums around the world and the international media.