Army gives lawbreakers ultimatum
Ahram Online, Saturday 14 May 2011
Addressing in particular those who have fed sectarian strife, the ruling military council in Egypt promises maximum penalties against anyone undermining the stability and security of the state

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has said that punishments handed down to lawbreakers who threaten national security will be harsher than ever.

In its 51st statement, the ruling military council referred to “planned conspiracies” aiming to destabilize security and increase sectarian strife in the country.“The Supreme Council decided to intensify sanctions against whoever tries to threaten this nation,” read the statement, which was published on the council’s Facebook page.

“Maximum penalties have been imposed [on culprits in] the past days that witnessed the first death penalty and life sentence with labour [served under military rule].

“The Supreme Council warns this deluded group of people who jeopardise the safety and welfare of society that patience has run out and the council will not hesitate to use all its recourses and capabilities to face them.”