Commemorating Nakba: 3rd Gaza Monologues
Amira Noshokaty, Saturday 14 May 2011
Memoirs read by survivors of an Israeli operation against the Gaza Strip that killed 1,380 Palestinians will be read at The Gaza Monologues on 15 May

Sunday, 15 May marks 63 years of Nakba (the Israeli occupation of Palestine), and El-Warsha theatre troupe will hold a night of solidarity and remembrance.

Gaza Monologues is a night dedicated to reciting memoirs of 22 days of living hell during which at least 1,380 Palestinians died, 431 of whom were children, in the aftermath of the Israeli Cast Lead operation against the Gaza Strip two years ago. This is the third run of the monologues this year.

Sunday, 15 May, 8pm
El-Warsha theater troupe premises
17 Sherif Street, Downtown