Truth about the dancing solider in Tahrir revealed!
Zeinab El-Gundy , Thursday 7 Jul 2011
An official source in the Ministry of Interior says the Central Security member videoed dancing with swords in Tahrir Square was a soldier, not an officer

An official source in the Ministry of Interior revealed to Ahram Online Arabic that the ‎Central Security Forces officer that appeared dancing inappropriately while holding two swords in ‎a video clip filmed during the clashes of 28 June in Tahrir Square was a ‎soldier and not an officer as said in the media. ‎

The unnamed official source identified the solider as “Hany G” and added that he is currently ‎under investigation for holding banned weapons, provoking protesters and acting ‎inappropriately.

According to the source, the solider had a fight with one of the ‎protesters during the clashes and that that protester ‎snatched the helmet and shield of the Central Security soldier. In response, the ‎soldier allegedly snatched from the protester two swords and danced with them ‎inappropriately, in order to tease him.‎

Video of the soldier appeared first on Al-Masry Al-Youm ‎daily newspaper's website before it went viral on YouTube. It has spurred dismay in the media with the Ministry of Interior at a time ‎the ministry is facing intense criticism due to the excessive use of force against protesters on ‎27 and 28 June in Tahrir square. ‎