Coalition of Police Officers to resume due to ignored revolution demands
Ahram Online, Saturday 9 Jul 2011
Police officers have vowed to resume collective action against corruption within Ministry of Interior

Official spokesperson of the Coalition of Police Officers Ahmed Ragab said Saturday that considering the current climate, members agreed to revoke their decision to suspend the coalition. The coalition represents police officers in support of restructuring the Ministry of Interior.

Ragab said that the coalition’s decision to revive its activities came in response to the widespread feeling that none of the January revolution’s demands have been met. He confirmed that the main state institutions, including the Ministry of Interior, have not been cleansed of corruption or former regime figures, and that there is no plan to see that this happens.

Ragab also objected that the officials responsible for killing peaceful demonstrators during Egypt’s revolution have not been tried and low ranked officers are accused instead, most of whom were only defending their place of work. He added that these officers were used as scapegoats.

Ragab added that the coalition does not approve of the old ways by which the Ministry of Interior is still functioning and said that officers are treated in an inhuman way and are assigned tasks not related to their specialisations and that this is reflected in the quality of police services and can be considered a waste of public funds.

Ragab said that the Ministry of Interior refuses that any corruption cases go to the general prosecution and instead chooses to push corrupt individuals to resign or else be replaced.