Bahi El-Din Hassan declines human rights position at ministry of ‎interior
Ahram Online, Monday 18 Jul 2011
Bahi El-Din Hassan, head of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, says he will continue offering the ministry consultations, but will not help to gloss over past and continued human rights issues

The head of Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS), Bahi El-Din Hassan, declined on Monday a position offered to him as deputy minister of interior for human rights.

Hassan’s decision to decline was explained in a statement released by CIHRS on their website. It explained that the changes that have taken place within the ministry were not enough to guarantee a true break with tactics of the former regime. It added that the events of 28 and 29 June were an indicator that even the minister has no complete authority over what happens within the institution. Consequently, read the statement, accepting the position of deputy minister would only have the affect of whitewashing the current unsavoury policies.

The statement said that the ministry of interior as an institution still needs fundamental restructuring and that changing faces is not a solution for the ministry’s human rights problems. It added that CIHRS has previously submitted a proposal for restructuring the institution to both the prime minister and Ministry of Interior.

The statement also criticized the latest cabinet reshuffle, describing it as falling short of expectations and revealing no real attempt to foster meaningful change.

The statement finally declared that the CIHRS and Hassan would continue offering the ministry their consultations, hoping that it would generate effective policies.